Babies and boats

Sam Davies has news....
British Vendee Globe heroine Sam Davies is currently experiencing a small bump in her sailing career. She is pregnant. The baby is due on 24 September and although she admits her opinion may change, at present Sam still sees herself being on the start line of the Vendee Globe on 21 October next year. This year while waiting for a Vendee Globe sponsor to come on board, Sam has stepped back into the Figaro and this spring has taken part in the training out of the famous Pol Atlantique centre in Port la Foret. “I have been able to do the whole of the Figaro early season and the training and even some of the races, even though I had to lift my foot off the gas a little bit. It was good to go back into the Figaro training. I thought I would get a real beating, because I haven’t been singlehanded Figaro sailing for four years, but it came back a lot quicker and I was better than I thought. Some of it like riding a bike and some of it is really frustrating because I made stupid mistakes that I know I shouldn’t normally make. And that was quite encouraging because it made me realise that even with a break this year it won’t be hard to come back next year and do the same training in the Figaro.” While her participation in August’s Solitaire is obviously too close to launch date and nor will she be able to do the Transat Jacques Vabre this autumn, Sam had for while hoped to compete in the Figaro’s class Solo Transat race from Benodet to Martinique back in April. “To start with I thought I would be fine: four months pregnant, you are in top form, and the doctors were like