Introducing the Volvo 65 one design

Knut Frostad and Farr Yacht Design CEO give us the detail
The worst kept secret in yachting was finally unveiled on Thursday with the announcement of one of the most dramatic ever steps in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race. The 2014 fully crewed round the world race will see the Volvo Open 70 dispensed with and rather than replacing it with a multihull of some description or a more one-designed version of the VO70, instead teams will be campaigning a brand new 65ft Farr one design to be sailed by crews of 8. The reason for this move is purely austerity, reducing costs in order to encourage more teams on to the start line next time around. While it doesn’t seem long ago it was introduced, the Volvo Open 70 has been used in the last three Volvo Ocean Races (the same number as the VO60 was used) and despite the cost limiting measures introduced for the present race, campaign budgets have still managed to stray into the 30-40 million Euro region whereas the vision of Knut Frostad is that for the next race this figure should be in the 12-15 million Euros region. While 'people' – including salaries, hotel rooms and air fares - still represent the biggest chunk of a VOR team’s budget, the second biggest cost is the boat and its associated costs, with a top notch, fully developed VO70 getting on the water for figures these days approaching 10 million Euros (about the same price as it cost to build the 140ft long Banque Populaire maxi tri that many of the Volvo crews were gawping at in Lorient last week...) In comparison the new VOD65 looks set to cost 4.5 million Euros in the water, ready to sail. So in addition to the reduced capital cost of the boat, with a one design in a stroke so