Vendee Globe dockside tour part 5

James Boyd Photography /
Mike Golding and Alex Thomson contemplate Bernard Stamm's Juan K-designed Cheminees Poujoulat and Javier Sanso's Acciona
The Vendee Globe video dock tour with Mike Golding and Alex Thomson continues today (following on from part one, part two, part three and part four). Today we look at Bernard Stamm's Juan K-designed Cheminees Poujoulat. Alex compares it to the mighty former Bahrain Team Pindar, which his team has since acquired, but which he controversially decided not to sail in this Vendee Globe. We discuss how Cheminees Poujoulat was all but destroyed in lat autumn's Transat Jacques Vabre when she partially sank to the north of the Azores. We move on to Javier Sanso's new Owen-Clarke designed Acciona, a development of Mike's Gamesa. However a key feature of this boat is that it is 100% eco-powered, primarily via solar panels. We look at the innovations on board, the sunken foredeck, the keel-stepped mast and the extreme chine... Read our full features on Cheminees Poujoulat and Acciona. Or sit back and relax....