Sam Davies comes out of the closet

Newly appointed as Team SCA skipper, Sam Davies discusses the team, the boat and the next Volvo Ocean Race
18 months after joining Team SCA, Sam Davies has finally been appointed skipper of the all-female campaign for this autumn’s Volvo Ocean Race (as we always knew she would…) While she is acclimatised now, joining a team, being a cog in a machine, while coming from a background in the Mini, Figaro and IMOCA - all of them principally singlehanded classes - she admits has taken some work: “I had to get used to talking to people on the boat again! It is still a bit of a shock, because I guess that is the hard bit, not doing it all yourself. So the whole teamwork thing and getting used to how we all work together and getting stuff done, when you have no idea it is being done – that is a bit harder as a control freak!” However on the flip side of this, she says it is great to be sailing on a boat with a crew as it gives you the opportunity push 100% of the time, something not possible singlehanded. Being appointed skipper is also interesting for her because the last significant occasion Sam was part of a ‘crew’ was when she was the bowgirl and nipper on board Tracy Edwards’ Royal & SunAlliance maxi-cat for the all-women’s attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy back in long ago 1997. “So I’ve come from the opposite end of responsibility, where I was the youngest. Now I am at the other end, it is quite fun to see the difference.” The recruiting process for the SCA sailing team seems to have taken forever, but Sam says that was always the plan. Apart from Adrienne Cahalan who sailed the first leg of the 2005-6 Volvo Ocean Race as navigator on Torben Grael’s Brasil1, no women have raced VO70s and the last all-female