The OBR's other duties

Amory Ross / Team Alvimedica
Team Alvimedica's Amory Ross discusses food, drink, sleep and cleaning
Some words plus some video and photos – what do the Volvo Ocean Race’s On Board Reporters do with all the rest of their day? Back to basics and crucially they are not allowed in way to help sail the boat. According to Team Alvimedica’s OBR Amory Ross this means “essentially I am prohibited from doing any ‘performance enhancing’ activity. That means no driving, no trimming, no stacking, etc. Those are the big three. [In addition to my media work] my duties are the food – so nutrition and preparing the meals and the bars, etc. I love that actually. It is exhausting and it is a lot of work, but I treat it like my watch partner - it keeps me motivated and keeps me on a schedule and I love being able to help. It is something that makes me feel like I am earning my ticket.” Amory’s daily schedule is really dominated by meal times, around which he carries out his duties as Alvimedica’s media man. “My day starts at midnight when I pull out the food bag for that day. We have a decanter bag which sits at the bottom of the companionway every day. That contains Trail mix [ie dried fruit and nuts] and protein bars and vitamins. Starting at midnight, I’ll fill that for the next 24 hours.” The daily food bag also includes ‘energy chews and bars’ and lots of savoury sweets and even some chocolate. “The idea is to always have something available that is somewhere between healthy and tasty. It makes a big difference.” Food for the day is typically stored in a Esky (cool box) ready for meal times, which on board Alvimedica are at 0400, 1200 and 2000. This remains constant as the ship’s clock changes - which will be significant