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  • British campaign for the 35th America's Cup: Almost a green light
  • 10 knot jump in world sailing speed record in 10 days
  • Grant Dalton airs his views
  • Russell Coutts' Cupdate
  • Life on board at 40 knots
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    • 6/12/2014 11.07
      You can actually see the beacon on the photo, slightly west and south of the middle of a line between Alvi ... Read More

    • 11/11/2014 10.48
      Great result. The T foils (on the 70fter!) really paid off altho it sounds as though Josse kept up a pretty ... Read More

    • 6/11/2014 16.57
      Cannot get the videos to play ... Read More

    • 3/11/2014 11.58
      Poor Thomas, he's fated never to beat Joyon!! But Joyon is trailing the newer boats. As is Spindrift. Maybe 130ft really is ... Read More