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    • British campaign for the 35th America's Cup: Almost a green light
    • 10 knot jump in world sailing speed record in 10 days
    • Grant Dalton airs his views
    • Russell Coutts' Cupdate
    • Life on board at 40 knots
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      • 5/02/2015 11.58
        This is a real shame. Perhaps in response ISAF could allocate one of the Olympic medals to a class such as ... Read More

      • 30/09/2014 08.17
        The Zones offer a refreshing opportunity for sailors from different classes to get together. There is far too much focus on ... Read More

      • 16/09/2014 09.19
        With reference to Matt Belcher's remarkable run of wins - As I recall it, Rodney Pattison didn't loose a single race ... Read More

      • 21/06/2014 08.53
        Hello, it's really a great achievement to be able to put together a powerful sailing catamaran with the FHE 400 Bras ... Read More