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    • British campaign for the 35th America's Cup: Almost a green light
    • 10 knot jump in world sailing speed record in 10 days
    • Grant Dalton airs his views
    • Russell Coutts' Cupdate
    • Life on board at 40 knots
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      • 12/11/2013 21.50
        Ok, so I am an unashamed fan of Paul Larsen and all he has done, but I do think the "uniqueness" ... Read More

      • 12/11/2013 21.23
        There is no equate. That's the point. Only one set of feet on the other side of that line. And almost 2million ... Read More

      • 12/11/2013 20.23

        Odd, but predictable given this is ISAF...almost everyone I have spoken to seemed to think that Paul Larsen should have won ... Read More

      • 25/10/2013 15.34
        Great article, James. Just one thing, there's two "i's" in Michigan, not an "e". Respectfully, A Proud Michigan Sailor ... Read More