Around The World in 79 Days- by Cam Lewis and Michael Levitt

 In 1993 Five men set of on a 86 foot long catamaran in an attempt to circumnavigate the world non stop in less than 80 days.

new site

 like the new site but can you add a home button to take us back to the front page?

New Site Looking Good!

 The new site is looking very good, I can't believe you're allowing access for free! I only joined years ago to access a photo featured named "When old meets new"


Well done Daily Sail team, nice new look - very clean, great format and plenty of features.  Best wishes, Dave

Classifieds - come and get them

Classified adverts on The Daily Sail are free to subscribed Members of the site.

Daily Sail 2.0

 If only the 33rd America's Cup was as good as the new Daily Sail site

No wind no play - it must be the America's Cup

Racing was canned due to a lack of wind on the opening day of the 33rd America's Cup. R1 is re-scheduled for Wednesday at 10:06 CET.

SailX relaunch

 The online multi-player sailing game SailX has been

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