Laser 3000 - A Pocket Rocket

Laser's new 3000 had Shirley Robertson begging for more, despite the freezing winter day
The Laser 3000 is an adrenaline-inducing little boat for lightweights. The boat is really aimed at the youth market, where she is small enough to be manageable for those graduating from Optimists. But Laser’s pocket rocket almost has the performance of her bigger sisters - the 4000 and 5000 - without the drama. Olympic sailor Shirley Robertson (sailing with an equally accredited crew, Sally Cuthbert) put her stamp of approval on the Laser 3000. Shirley demanded to carry on sailing for a bit longer in the freezing, windy conditions of the test, when the rest of the MadforSailing team (including reviewer Peter Bentley) were ready to call it a day. The 3000 is constructed to Laser's usual tough standards, using some of the proven elements from the Laser 2. The 3000 could be regarded as a modern incarnation or upgrade of this popular boat. Inevitable comparisons will now be made with the more recently produced 29er, and the truth is that the 3000 is easier to sail, while the 29er is quicker. This boat is a good stepping stone to Bethwaite’s youth boat. The scores on the MadforSailing test doors reflected that view. Rigging is as easy as it can be on a spinnaker trapeze boat. Laser has paid special attention to keeping things obvious, with the newcomer in mind, and the instruction book is easy to follow. The balance is excellent upwind, with the helm feeling light and positive. The gear mostly helps rather than hinders with the sailing, the partially battened Hyde sail is shaped for straightforward handling. The Proctor Mast is easy to adjust and stable. A furling jib can be rolled in or out at any time, and the ability to reef the mainsail is an advantage to the learner. It should enable them to concentrate on the