Jim Saltonstall looks at the race winning moves in Falmouth
Falmouth offers a number of fantastic race areas both in and out of the harbour, depending on the event requirements and - that all important factor - the weather! Many major yachting and dinghy events have been hosted by Falmouth, all in a very professional manner, by either the Restronquet Sailing Club or the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. Excellent food, accommodation and camping facilities are in abundance in the area. Like all popular venues - book early to avoid disappointment. Race Areas There are two possible race areas in the harbour - North (to the east of Mylor) and South (to the east of Flushing). Outside the harbour, the main race area is to the west of the busy harbour entrance. Inside the Harbour - North Race Area Popular with dinghy fleets, the race area due east of Mylor is a super patch of water - large enough to set a championship course. Wind Direction 340-020 degrees: The northern sector - this is the clearest wind direction in the upper harbour area. But wind shifts are still very significant, up to 15-20 degrees in the middle/upper wind range, and even more in light winds. Being in sync with the wind shifts as you come away from the starting area or leeward mark is vital. Make sure you know your numbers on the compass and your tacking angles in relation to the shore. If the port layline for the windward mark is close to the western shore, then the port side of the course will be favoured for breeze. There will be more pressure due to the wind convergence along the shoreline. It’s possible that you may also get headed as you go towards the shore on starboard tack, and lifted as you come out on port tack. If the race committee set the