Mango jammin'

The Cherubs gather at Mayflower Sailing Club

Tuesday October 15th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
Cherubs were were still the third most numerous class for Mayflower
SC's Final Fling, with one boat from Scotland and three from Wales.

Day 1 saw lots of sunshine, a pleasant but 'could be stronger'
breeze, and a big swellmaking one gybe dead downwind and the
other straight across the waves. Interesting! last years National
Champions Robin Russell and Will Lee fough hard with this years
runners up Gavin Sims and Simon Goodwin, who usually managed
to build up a gap from the following bunch, who were doing much
place changing behind. Sims scored 1,2,1 and Russell 2,1,2. Behind
them the Scots, Murray Tosh and Bruce Lenton, scored 6,3,3 with
Gary Butland and Robert Main scoring 3,5,4 and Nick Hankins and
Nigel Sims 4,4,5.

The next day dawned exceeding wet. It was also looking pretty
breezy and building. How breezy was discovered by the RIB
Mayflower sent out in the sound to investigate which found itself
doing 6 knots with the engine in neutral! So, like the Around Alone
competitors down the coast at Torbay, racing was called off, leaving
Sims and Goodwin winners from Russell and Lee, with Tosh and
Lenton taking 3rd place from Strangely Brown on tiebreak.


1 Mango Jam, Gavin Sims & Simon Goodwin, Neyland YC
2 Green Slug, Robin Russell & Will Lee, HISC
3 Geriatric Gigolo, Murray Tosh & Bruce Lenton, Annandale SC
4 Strangely Brown, Gary Butland & Robert Main, Neyland YC
5 Cheese Before Bedtime, Nick Hankins & Nigel Sims, Cardiff Bay

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