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Win £250 of Holt hardware for your boat

Tuesday January 21st 2003, Author: Andy Nicholson, Location: None
Holt developed its dynamic bearing system for blocks in response to the loads typically found on today’s asymmetric dinghies. It recognised that blocks needed to be light, strong, tough and capable of exceptional performance.

To enter the competition, please email with the answer to this question:

Q: What is the name given to the rounded profile head of the dynamic block?

First prize: £250 worth of Holt hardware
10 Runners Up: A copy of the Smack Down Under video ( review here )
You only have until Friday to get you answers in. Winners will be drawn at the Sailboat Show on Saturday 1 March.

The company's new 30mm dynamic block range follows their philosophy in block development and compliments its existing range of 20mm and 40mm dynamic blocks.

The new range is ideal for mainsheet systems; kicker systems and sheet/halyard lead applications. Using Holt’s ‘ProStrap’ head system, the block has a cold forged radioed head, which increases articulation and provides a rope friendly connection.

The blocks use stainless steel balls running on a stainless steel rim to provide massive strength under load. By forming the body of the block from one piece of stainless steel, its strength is transferred throughout the block. Using less material makes it around 25% lighter than an equivalent block (on a standard HA 30mm block).

The block use Holt's 'ProStrap' system - the head of the block has a fully rounded profile, designed to improve articulation on fixing points and enables the block to twist without jamming. It is also rope friendly with no sharp edges or corners.

The edges of the rope guide have a steep angle to prevent lines from pulling across the head of the block. The wide strip used in this area also stops the guides from peeling.

The block has a hole through its centre and so can be tied in a cascade.

Sheave Diameter: 28.2mm
Width: 10mm
Material: Acetal resin
Cheeks: Composite filled nylon with 316 stainless steel straps
Axle: Stainless steel
Line size: 6-10mm
Price: £7.18 inc VAT for a single 30mm blocks HA2030

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