Olympic profile - Torben Grael

Sailing legend Torben Grael hopes to win another Star medal in Athens
Name: Torben Grael Where and when were you born? Sao Paulo , Brazil 22/07/60 Marital status? Married with Andrea Grael What age did you start sailing and what was your first regatta win? Got my first boat from my Grandfather at the age of 7. Won my first junior national on Snipes at 15 . What's your biggest event or championship win? Star Gold Medal in Savannah 1996 Any other notable regattas you'd like to mention? Star Worlds (90) and the Louis Vuitton finals in 2000 Where did you grow up? Different cities in Brazil as my father was in the army . If you're not sailing what job would you do? I graduated in Business Administration. What other sports do you do outside sailing? Tennis, volleyball, football, cycling . Any other hobbies or interests? My 1912 classic 6 metre Aileen (ex- Nurdug 2) Favourite method of relaxing? Enjoying a good wine among friends . Favourite bar or pub? My club’s bar (Rio Yacht Club) What inspired you to take up sailing? Family, especially my twin uncles Axel and Erik Schmidt and my Grand father Preben Schmidt. Which class did you first race in? Penguin and soon after the Snipe . How did you buy your first boat? My grandfather gave her to me. Have you ever used a coach and who were they? My first coach in a competition was my uncle Erik Schmidt in Savanah. Today my coach is Walter Bodener. He has been coaching us since the 2002 Worlds. Outside the Olympics, what's your biggest remaining goal in sailing? Winning the Round the World Race and the America’s Cup . How much time do you spend on the water each week? Maximum 35 hours. Do you have a sponsor and if so, who? My sponsors are Prada, Petrobras and Vivo Who are your sailing heroes and why? My uncles were great inspiration to me