The next cycle

A further look into the RYA's Olympic Development Squad and the role of the English Insititute of Sport
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how the RYA has already embarked on the next Olympic cycle. The new Weymouth and Portland sailing Academy building recently opened its doors to the next generation of Olympic medallists, with 70 sailors attending the second of this winter’s Olympic Development Squad training camps, which is headed up by the RYA’s Barry Edgington. In Edgington’s view the new, part lottery funded, facility was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle for the RYA. A purpose built venue that finally provides the perfect environment to hone future world class sailors. Bricks and mortar that now fully complement the professional approach taken by the top sailors, and that will inspire the up and coming to raise their game too. Also playing a part in the new WPSA building is the English Institute of Sport – in terms of hardware they have supplied the onsite gym and its equipment. The EIS undertake a number of roles within various sports, providing athletes with expert advice and training on a number of areas including fitness, nutrition, sports medicine and psychology for example. On the ground the EIS is organised on a regional level, with the national responsibility for sailing falling to the South West division based at the University of Bath. It is not however a case of breezing in and telling the RYA how to do it, as EIS Regional Manager Kirsty Moore (above) explains: “What I am responsible for is working with sailing and actually sitting down and working out a strategic approach of how we would work in partnership together.” Just two and half years old the EIS is also Lottery funded, via Sport England and focuses on supporting the top performance athletes in their training and competition environments. And this is done via the National Authority –