Crew To Win

We take a look at the new book published by the RYA and written by 470 silver medalist Joe Glanfield
There are a number of books on the market for the sailor who wants to improve his or her racing technique and eventually their results. Lots of these books get dropped by the wayside as people realise they are overly complex or too patronising or any of a number of issues often associated with the sailing technique book. There are however a small number of books that do not get lost in the mists of time and become essential reading for the small boat racer - one being ‘Crew To Win’. ‘Crew To Win’ is the first in a new series of books to be published by the RYA. It is written by Joe Glanfield, Athens Olympic silver medallist and 470 superstar, and attempts to readdress the age old myth that the helm is the most important person in the boat. Describing the book properly it should perhaps be called 'teamwork to win' or something similar as, although it is written primarily with the crew in mind, the emphasis is very much on building a strong team approach to racing. As one might imagine of a book designed to be read by sailors of various ability, the first few chapters offer little for the already experienced sailor. This is not to say they should be discounted entirely and there are some useful insights, like the fitness for sailing sections and golden rules for teamwork, but largely the first three or four chapters are more a skim reading exercise. Skipping these sections or skimming through them does not leave the reader feeling like they have missed out; in fact the book seems to be written in such a way as to encourage the reader to jump around within the chapters to get the most of it. Often the book will suggest looking