First for Itchenor

Very light winds and strong tides made for close racing at the RS200 Open

Wednesday May 23rd 2007, Author: Andrew Peters, Location: United Kingdom
This was Itchenor’s first year in the South East Area Series and the club was pleased to welcome 16 visitors in the 29 boat fleet for the RS200 Open. They arrived to find little wind, in contrast to recent events. Race officer Andy Penman signalled an hour’s postponement with some prospect of a sea breeze later on. Tides were close to springs with a flood tide running through the middle of the day until 3.00 pm.

A course was set in the Thorney Reach and by 12.30 there was a reasonably steady five knots of breeze from the south west, giving a fair beat against the strong incoming tide.

The key to the racing was to get clear through the start line and away to the banks out of the strongest tide. Ian Dobson and Katie Restall put their marker down in race one with the best start followed by Martyn and Clare Jones. Behind them there was close racing with Tom and Jo Hewitson coming through from mid fleet to take third place at the finish, behind the leading pair.

In race two Katrina Gilbert and Jenny Root broke clear at the start and sailed away from the fleet. Hugo and Olwen Fisher looked good away from the start, though it was Hamish Walker and Claire Stubbs who judged the approach to the first windward mark just right to take second place, with the consistent Hewitsons again in third place by the finish.

Race three saw the advantage off the start line switch to the left hand side of the course with a port bias line and a weakening tide. Harry and Prue Roome led at the first mark, followed by Philip Pascall and Sue Kalderon. The Hewitsons led the group from the right hand side of the course and worked their way through to the lead. Mike Chapman and Lynne Ratcliffe were always in close contact with the lead group and grabbed second place on the finish line from the Roomes.

The tide was now turning, accompanied by the sea breeze beginning to veer. Attempts to get the fleet away were hampered by over enthusiasm from the sailors and after a general recall and an abandoned start it was clear that the breeze was going to drop and the tide strengthen so racing was abandoned for the day.

This left Tom and Jo Hewitson as winners for the weekend, one point ahead of Katarina Gilbert and Jenny Root and Ian Dobson and Katie Restall who had to be split on their discard; fourth was Hamish Walker and Clare Stubbs with Martyn and Clare Jones the first home team in fifth. Katarina Gilbert was top lady helm and Harry Roome won the Old Man’s prize.


Pos Helm  Crew  R1 R2 R3 Tot
1st  Tom Hewitson  Jo Hewitson  -3 3 1 4
2nd  Katrina Gilbert  Jennie Root  -15 1 4 5
3rd  Ian Dobson  Katie Restall  1 4 -16 5
4th  Hamish Walker  Clare Stubbs  4 2 -9 6
5th  Martin Jones  Clare Jones  2 5 -6 7
6th  Harry Roome  Prue Roome  5 -7 3 8
7th  Mike Chapham  Lynne Ratcliffe  8 -16 2 10
8th  Gareth Robinson  Sarah Holland  7 -8 7 14
9th  Sarah Taylor  Lucy Matthews  13 -17 5 18
10th  Richard Neall  Sarah Terry  6 -15 12 18
11th  Andy Fitzgerald  Rosie Sibthorp  -19 6 13 19
12th  Phil Ford  Lucy Ford  9 10 -18 19
13th  Patch Fillery  Sarah Sterton  12 9 (DNS)  21
14th  Hugo Fisher  Olwen Fisher  10 11 -17 21
15th  Philip Pascall  Sue Kalderon  -17 14 8 22
16th  Mike Jaffe  Emma Jaffe  -27 13 10 23
17th  Martin Vinson  Sue Antonelli  11 12 -22 23
18th  Simon Gillow  Emma Harniman  16 -22 11 27
19th  Paul Lewis  Caroline Harries  -20 18 15 33
20th  Charlie Muir-Sands  Jane Muir-Sands  14 20 -23 34
21st  Ian Pickard  Jane Wilson  22 -25 14 36
22nd  David Patient  Clare Senior  18 -24 19 37
23rd  Steve Davies  J Davies  -24 19 21 40
24th  Pip Tagg  Rebecca Lang  -23 21 20 41
25th  Paul Whitbread  Corrine Whitbread  21 23 -24 44
26th  Tony Cock  Caroline Scutt  26 -27 25 51
27th  Mark Timberlake  Annabel Timberlake  25 26 (DNS)  51
28th  Richard Thisby  Lyndall Lohman  28 (DNF)  DNS  58
29th  Hayley Poulain  Alastair Poulain  29 (DNF)  DNS  59

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