Vestas SailRocket backflip - the video

Last week you saw the photos, now the moving image
Last week Paul Larsen's Vestas SailRocket achieved a speed of 47.4 knots over a 500m course in winds averaging only 22 knots. This speed, awaiting ratification from the World Sailing Speed Record Council is enough to give the team the ‘B’ class world record and Larsen, the Australian National record. Most importantly to the team it gives them the unofficial title of world's fastest ‘boat’. However on a subsequent run and with the ultimate world record within their grasp, Vestas SailRocket performed a dramatic back flip. Despite the damage Larsen tells us he expects to be back out on the water this weekend. You need Flash Player 8 or higher to view video content with the Kit Digital Flash Player. Click here to download and install it.