Fresh approach

For his 2012 campaign Nick Rogers has a new crew and new gear
2009 sees Nick Rogers embarking on his fourth Olympic campaign in the 470, but with a new crew. His old childhood friend, also part of the Lymington mafia, Pom Green (son of boatbuilder, Bill) is taking over the crewing spot from Rogers’ long term man at the end of the wire, Joe Glanfield. The new lad Thedailysail: Surely you must be bored of sailing a 470 by now? Nick Rogers: No! I love sailing and the key to it is that it is lot more fun to race at the front, at the sharp end and the 470 is what I am best at. You almost learn more by trying to get better and better and better in a 470. I can push my boundaries, whereas if you start again from scratch it takes a while just to get to the point where you can learn the art of sailing. So, no, I don’t get bored. tds: How many years is it now? NR: My first event ever was in 1995, but that was a farce. I started campaigning is 1997, so really it is 12 years. tds: So Joe is standing down for a year? NR: Yes. I think Joe is looking to take some time off after 11 years… I am now sailing with Pom, the guy I won the Youth Worlds with back in 1995. It is not for certain that Joe is going to come back and we’re going to sail together or not. I think we are going to see how it goes. tds: So you might go with Pom or with Joe? NR: We’ll make a decision at the end of the year, because then that leaves us all plenty of time. My gut feeling is that I will probably continue to sail with Pom, because