New concept in foil

Linton Jenkins and aeronautical engineering guru Jonathan Howes explain their new Tomahawk
One of the stars of the RYA Dinghy Show last weekend was certainly the new Tomahawk foiler displayed on Ovington Boats’ stand. It transpires that this is the latest development of the fine vessel Full Force’s Linton Jenkins was trialling in a clandestine way down in Weymouth last summer. According to Jenkins the concept of the boat is as an ‘every man’s foiler’. Originally he was contacted by Mark Wagner, a businessman, who by coincidence had built his own foiler during the 1970s. Wagner wanted to buy a Moth, but Jenkins convinced him he needed something purpose-built. The new boat was designed by uber-dinghy designer Phil Morrison and according to Jenkins the brief was “that it is supposed to be a really easy boat to rig - Mark wanted it as easy as a Laser, quickly rig it put it in the water and sail it. We are a little way away from that, but that is the general gist of it. And make what you want of it. You don’t have to be a good sailor to sail this boat. You have to be a good sailor to sail it fast, but that is it.” Like the RS600FF, it is designed for those who are larger than spindly Moth sailors - around 75+kg, also for those who are not as agile. It is also the first boat of its type designed specifically for foiling. Significantly it was originally conceived with a conventional foil set-up similar to the Moth or RS600FF. However in parallel to this project, Wagner had also been approached by one the UK’s top aeronautical designer, Jonathan Howes to help fund development work on a speed sailing project called Monofoil. Someway into the development of the new boat Wagner asked Howes if he could reconfigure his unique