What next after 49er Gold?

Denmark's Jonas Warrer on the 'controversial medal race' and his move into match racing and foiler Moths
The 49er medal race at the Beijing Olympics last year was one of the most nail biting moments from the event. Leaders by 11 points going into the medal race, Denmark’s Jonas Warrer and Martin Kirketerp broke their mast in the blustery conditions with just 30 minutes to go until the start gun. They raced ashore, borrowed the boat of the Croatian team (who hadn’t made it to the medal race), went out and despite being four minutes late for the start managed to eek out a seventh place benefitting from boats capsizing all around them. After numerous protests this was enough to secure them 49er Gold. “It was crazy,” recounts Warrer looking back at it. “When the mast broke and until we got on shore we thought ‘this is it – it is too late to get another mast’. But then the idea popped up to borrow another boat – I don’t know who it was.” They chose the Croatian boat simply because it was there. “In the beginning we just took it,” Warrer admits sheepishly. “But at the same time someone was calling them and they came running and down and they said ‘no problem’ and in fact they helped us rig the boat, because they have this other system – we couldn’t really rig it! The way you put the tension on the rig – where you put some device on the forestay, they had it in a different way. So they came and helped us and we were ten people running around the boat rigging it. I’ve never seen a 49er rigged so fast! Another thing was that we didn’t know what the tension should be on the rig, because we did it such in a hurry – it may have been for light wind! We didn’t