Morrison 14

We take a look at the latest International 14
Back in March 2007 we spoke to legendary designer, Phil Morrison about projects he had underway at the time. Back then, he told us he had just designed a new version of his hugely successful International 14 design for Chris Turner at Ovington Boats. Although Turner took the new Morrison 14 to the Dinghy Show at the start of this year and sailed the first example at the International 14 World Championship this summer, there is still some time left before the boat will be fully ready for production. “The hull mould is completed at the moment, but there is still the tooling needed for the deck mould. My boat has a custom, one off deck mould which we could obviously not be able to do for a lot of customers as it would cost far too much,” explains Turner. The hope is this tooling will be finished in the coming weeks and the boat itself will be ready for production soon. Turner has not been actively involved in the International 14 class for a number of years and says taking the new boat the Worlds this year was something of a baptism of fire. Specifically, he feels he turned up to the event with a few too many unknown entities on his boat. His Selden mast was relatively untested and his Pinnell and Bax sails, despite being used by a number of top sailors in the fleet, where not class standard. In addition, a number of other smaller things on the boat such as his vang and mainsheet system did not work as he had hoped and needed changing through the week. “Having seen Archie [Massey] sail so well with pretty much standard kit from a year ago, I now wish I had of just turned up with the