Rain and wind up North

The seventh round of the RS200 Fat Face Eurocup was a brisk affair in Scotland

Thursday August 14th 2008, Author: Pete Vincent, Location: United Kingdom
Events come thick and fast in RS200 land and sandwiched between the Fat Face RS Eurocup in Garda and the GUL RS200 Nationals at Hayling was the seventh round of the RS200 Fat Face Racing Circuit and second round of the Fat Face Eurocup. Whilst not many boats from England made the trip it was very encouraging seeing 19 Scottish 200’s competing well. It was very hard to believe that it was August as competitors arrived in West Scotland to flood alerts, heavy rain, low clouds and a force six.

The wind had eased to 15 knots by the start of race one and Matt and Emma Jenkins were fast out of the blocks at the pin end to lead. Robbie Burns and Vicki Simpson sailed low and fast on the run as the wind eased to lead. On the second beat the wind became light and patchy, those staying in the middle lost badly. As the wind became very light the race was shortened and the fleet limped to the finish, Burns and Simpson winning only two minutes inside the time limit with Luke Patience and Chris Grube second, Ronnie Millar and Liz Copeland third and Pete Vincent and Tessa Nicholls fourth. After two hours of bobbing around in no wind wondering what had happened to all the weather forecast the fleet was grateful to be taken ashore after watching a poor impression of an Albacore race.

Sunday was still grey but there was a decent breeze from due south and PRO Chris Hadden took full advantage to bash in two quick good races. The Jenkins again got a good start in 12 knots in race two and rounded mark one very close with Patience and Grube who went on to lead throughout to win from fast finishing Vincent and Nicholls with the Jenkins third and Loch Tummels Douglas and Kirsty Hamilton a very good fourth. The wind was eight to ten knots for race three and St Mary Lochs Dave Redpath and Graeme Henry were early leaders. Again Burns and Simpson sailed lower and faster than anyone despite the hangovers to win from Patience and Grube, Vincent and Nicholls and Millar and Copeland.

The wind now swung due west and increased as the sun came out (remember the sun?); after a short break race four started in a good 15 knots. Dave and Jane Hivey obviously had enough of all the mucking around after some not great results by their standards to win the start and lead throughout, the ultra consistent Patience and Grube were second, the Jenkins third and Roy McCubbin and Kirsty McSeveny fourth. Race five and the wind had picked up more so the 200’s celebrated with the first recall of the weekend. Patience and Grube were OCS in the second start along with three other boats but even with Burns and Simpson winning the final race they had a strong enough points advantage to win overall.

McCubbin and McSeveny won the silver division in sixth from Liz Jamie and Matt Toynbee in a very good eighth overall. Ben and Emily Robertson won the bronze division from Dougie Watson and P Jubb who led the last race in their first 200 event.

Many thanks to Largs SC who ran a really good event and were very friendly hosts. It’s off to Hayling next for the bumper GUL RS200 Nationals in 2 weeks, with 126 boats already entered its going to be huge.


Pos Helm Crew  Club  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Tot
1 L Patience  C Grube  RN&CYC  2 1 2 2 24 7
2 R Burns  V Simpson  Largs SC  1 6 1 5 1 8
3 P Vincent  T Nichols  Bristol Corinthians YC  4 2 3 4 6 13
4 R Millar  L Copeland  Dalgety Bay SC  3 9 4 6 2 15
5 D Hivey  J Hivey  Merchant Taylors  11 5 5 1 7 18
6 R McCubbin  K McSeveny  Strathclyde Loch SC  8 7 16 3 5 23
7 L Jamie  M Toynbee  Oxford SC  6 10 7 9 10 32
8 D Hamilton  K Hamilton  Loch Tummel SC  16 4 19 7 8 35
9 D Redpath  G Henry  St Marys Loch  5 11 6 15 24 37
10 S Robertson  K Mitchell  Royal Forth YC  10 8 17 21 3 38
11 B Robertson  E Robertson  Royal Forth YC  7 17 14 14 4 39
12 S Thompson  N Stewart  Royal Navy SA  13 18 12 8 9 42
13 M Jenkins  E Jenkins  Sheffield Viking  9 3 10 24 24 46
14 D Watson  P Judd  RN&CYC  15 12 11 10 24 48
15 J Foulkes  F Foulkes  Dalgety Bay SC  12 16 22 12 12 52
16 K Masterson  S Redpath  St Marys Loch  19 13 9 19 15 56
17 S Meldrum  J McCaldin  Dalgety Bay SC  21 19 20 11 11 61
18 S Ross  K Ross  Loch Morlich SC  20 22 8 17 17 62
19 J Macklow  S Grummitt  Dalgety Bay SC  14 15 21 20 13 62
20 M Faulkener  C Alderson  Largs SC  18 21 18 13 14 63
21 C McCalum  T Macklow  Dalgety Bay SC  22 14 15 18 16 63
22 A Marshall  P Marshall  Dalgety Bay SC  17 20 13 16 18 64
23 M Bromford  A Morgan  Budworth SC  24 23 23 22 24 92

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