Booth discharged from hospital

After Round Texel pitchpole - SEE the amazing photos of the incident by Annemiek van Kinderen

Wednesday June 19th 2002, Author: Simon Keijzer, Location: none selected
Mitch Booth of EDS Sailing Team was released from hospital yesterday after being seriously injured when his catamaran pitch polled at full speed during the Round Texel Race on Saturday June 15.

After three tough days in the Den Helder hospital Mitch Booth has been released. He has been thoroughly checked by the Dutch Federation's Doctor Hans van Elst. Additionally Booth got scanned in the MRI Centre in Amsterdam.

The doctor's conclusion was that Booth had suffered a severe damaging of the lower back muscles. Booth will start physiotherapy tomorrow. The Australian Tornado veteran still has a lot of trouble to move and will be out of the running for some three weeks. As a result it does not look like the EDS Sailing Team will be competing in Kiel Week in last week June.

Mitch Booth commented. "In a flash everything passes through your mind. Then you only want to straighten the boat and keep going. But you feel great pain and you know things are not good! However I helped getting the boat on its feet. Wow, things can go wrong quickly. After that I have spent three days starring at the sky. In the rescue boat in the ambulance and in the hospital being completely stabilised. Enough time to think about life and what can happen. After all I am very relieved that I have only seriously damaged my muscles and that I can think about the future. Now that we have done all the MRI scans and we can see that things will cure the pain is much easier to bare."

See page two for Annemiek van Kindersen's incredible action photo sequence of the Dutch team's pitchpole on Saturday.

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