Laser 4000 - the definitive modern single-trapeze boat?

Madforsailing tested the Laser 4000 and came back smiling
The Laser 4000 shares much of the design concept with her bigger sister, the 5000. In particular it took the idea of weight equalisation, with adjustable racks and correctors, and delivered it in a more manageable boat with just a single trapeze. Shirley Robertson joined the madforsailing review crew, and set out in moderate conditions to see how it all worked. The 4000 features a self-draining open plan deck, and a state-of-the-art fully-battened Mylar mainsail and battened jib, both from Hyde and looking bullet proof. There were lots of things that we liked about the Laser 4000. The boat is well-balanced and light on the helm upwind, easy to work through the waves. It's a class act, a real performer - the ride is fast and secure. Setting the equalisation system up - extending the racks and adding the lead correctors - is very simple, important for such a fundamental part of the concept. The layout was clean and spacious for the crew, it was easy to get from rack to rack, and the toe straps are adjustable for comfortable hiking. The systems are soundly designed, with mainsheet, vang and Cunningham - all vital for the fully battened mainsail - well placed and easily adjusted. Downwind, the ride is wild, though the powerful kite was easy to trim and the launch and retrieval system was very effective. High marks also went to the foam sandwich construction for both the hull and deck. The test boat still looked in excellent condition after a year of constant use. But there were a few things that we weren't so sure about - turning corners is a bit of a challenge. Some real weight is needed on the rail to bear away. Rigging the boat is complicated by the lack of a mast gate or forestay,