The man with the golden start gun

The Daily Sail speaks to Mr Race Officer, Peter Reggio
Peter Reggio is one of those people in the sport who is rarely the focus of attention. He has created a niche within a sport of niches and is one of the most highly regarded Principle Race Officers in the world. He is the pro’s pro PRO. The Daily Sail caught up with Reggio, known to many as Luiggi, in Miami at the Rolex Farr One Design Invitational. He ran the successful match racing ‘pre-event’ for the Farr 40s before moving aside for David Brennan and the Storm Trysail Club to manage the main fleet racing event. Reggio is a highly entertaining character; his views and opinions are borne out of his vast experience on the water, both as a competitor and as a race officer. He is also passionate about being on the water and being involved in the racing scene. Sometimes he may come across a little brash, but this is not really the case, merely his enthusiasm overtaking. He has a huge knowledge about his chosen topic and by his own admission “probably too honest with what I say.” He was most recently in the spotlight as PRO for the Louis Vuitton Challenger series in Auckland. So what has he been up to? “Since getting back from Auckland at the beginning of February, this week in Miami is the 23rd event I’ve been at,” says Reggio. The list of events that Reggio has been PRO at in the last few years is exhaustive: “J/24 Worlds in 2000, Finn Gold Cup in 2001, Mumm 30 Worlds, Farr 40 Worlds…” Reggio starts to lose count, “Urgh… I don’t know. I’m not trying to sound cute or something, but it does just all run together and I forget.” Based in Connecticut, USA, Reggio has sailed since he was a kid. His initial racing experiences were