Second I14 title

Archie Massey tells us how he won the World Championship and his plans for the future
Following on from his win at the International 14 Worlds in Warnemünde in 2008, Sydney-based Brit Archie Massey claimed his second World title last weekend with a race to spare. Our experts tell us that this makes him the fourth person ever to have won back to back World Championships in the 14 class following on from the Kidd brothers from Canada back in the 1980s and Duncan McDonald. "It is cool. It was the Worlds I wanted last time - last time was very stressful with everything breaking and falling apart," Massey told thedailysail of his latest win. For this CST Composites World Championship Massey was sailing with a new crew in the form of Dan Wilsdon, a 40 year old who Massey describes as "the keenest sailor in the world". Wilsdon previously crewed for former 14 World Champion Grant Geddes, and he is also bowman on the 18ft skiff Massey drives. Massey and Wilsdon’s Worlds on this occasion went reasonably smoothly with the exception of one hiccup when in the second qualifying race on day one they were black flagged. This call, that had left them 53rd after day one, was subsequently overturned in the protest room, when the jury found there has been a procedural error. So how did Massey’s win come about on this occasion? Massey says his long term objective in the 14, even before winning in Warnemünde, was the 2010 International 14 Worlds in Sydney and he has been fortunate that he has had a job that has taken him from the UK to California – where the Worlds were held in 2007 (when Howie Hamlin won) and two years ago allowed him relocate once again to Sydney. In the real world Massey works for Metaswitch, who manufacture telephone exchanges.