London Boat Show's two singlehanders

We look at the new K1 while LDC's Martin Wadhams gives us a video guided tour of the new RS100
There are two new dinghies on display at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show this week, with two common themes: they are both singlehanders and both have been designed by Reigate-based Paul Handley, who’s previous portfolio includes the RS Feva, Tera, Q’BA and K6 as well as (in the dark distant past) the Mustang 30. The difference between the new boats is that the RS100 is what you might imagine from the smallest member of the RS200-RS800 family with a main and asymmetric kite, while the K1, being sold by Vandercraft, has a lifting keel and a more conservative sail plan with main and self-tacking jib on a boom. Apart from being a highly attractive-looking affair, partly thanks to specialist styling work RS had done to it, the RS100 has several innovative features such as a mast that can be dropped down by around 1ft (the shrouds attach to a different set of fittings further up the mast) and this broadens the weight range of sailors who can race it from, RS’s Managing Director Martin Wadhams reckons, 70-100kg. See Martin Wadhams’ video guided tour to the RS100 here . Over on the Hyde Sails stand is the K1 keelboat where designer Paul Handley was on hand to give us the guided tour. The set-up with the K1 is that Handley designed it and funded its development (as he did originally with the RS Tera) but the sales of the boats are being handled by Jeff Van der Borght at Vandercraft while the boat is constructed in Romsey by Jamie Stewart (Ossie’s nephew) at Synthesize Yachts. Paul Handley (left) with Jeff Van der Borght According to Paul Handley, the K1 has come about from thoughts he had originally for the RS K6. That started life as a singlehander with a keel and an