ISAF Olympic Commission Chair airs his views

Carlo Borlenghi /
Phil Jones talks through some of the key aspects of The Report
Following the publication of the ISAF Olympic Commission recommendations for how to ensure the future of sailing as an Olympic sport (read more about this here), Chair of the Commission, Phil Jones, who’s day job is as Chief Executive of Yachting Australia, explained a little more to thedailysail about the report. thedailysail: So your report is published. What happens now? Phil Jones: ISAF have invited responses to it by 17 June and I guess they are mainly going to come from ISAF Member National Authorities and class associations. They have also set up an email address where people can contribute directly to it. I had a look at a few of those - in these circumstances you can normally expect a whole bunch of abuse and not much else, but it’s been pretty positive. Then the Executive Committee meet on 5-6 July and they are going to give some thought to their response and the implementation of the recommendations with the idea that in November, Council will be invited to endorse the general direction and then vote on some of the specific changes that need making in order to implement it. tds: So still a long way off? PJ: Yes, but in ISAF terms that’s short! To be fair, the approach we’ve taken is that we want to give people the opportunity to consider it and come up with a plan that people are comfortable taking forward. One of the problems we have within ISAF is that this submission-based system means you get stuff coming from left field which often means its isn’t to a cohesive plan, it is just an MNA’s latest idea. In setting out to do this we wanted to give ourselves a blue print to move forwards with; a work plan that we can get into. But it needs