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George 1st consolidates

Massey and Wilsdon lead International 14 Australian Championship

Monday January 3rd 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: Australia

Current World Champion International 14 sailors Archie Massey and Dan Wilsdon dominated proceedings in race three of the International 14 Australian Championship sailed in Gulf St Vincent, South Australia.

Helmsman Massey and crew Wilsdon, of NSW, sailed George 1st to a commanding lead of more than one minute over second placed Ronstan/Irwin Sails (Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry) from Victoria.

George 1st had the better of the fleet for most of the day sailing in a 10-15 knot seabreeze that varied in strength and provided some significant shifts. George 1st relinquished the lead momentarily to Ronstan/Irwin Sails but used the shifts and a period of lighter winds to break clear.

The George 1st crew also took a moment to almost stop while racing and clear seaweed from their hydrofoil rudder, with Wilsdon jumping to the aft of the cockpit and sweeping the foils clear of the weed slowing the boat down. Wilsdon said it only takes a moment to sweep the foils clear and it makes a real difference over a long windward.

Victorians Mark Krstic and Andrew Wilson sailed To Late to Stop Now into third place 15 seconds behind Ronstan/Irwin Sails to highlight the strength of the class in their State.

Local sailor David Hayter and crew Trent Neighbour in el diablo again showed plenty of potential and consistency to finish fourth ahead of former national champions Brad Devine and Ian 'Footy' Furlong of Perth sailing Del Boca Vista.

Devine and Furlong show glimpses of their potential anytime the breeze strengthens but this Perth crew excel in fresh winds are finding the generally light conditions tough.

A fleet of 32 International 14s are racing in the series out of the Adelaide Sailing Club.

Race Three: George Ist 1:15:56, 1; Ronstan/Irwin Sails 1:17:13, 2; To Late to Stop Now 1:18:28, 3; el diablo 1:18:54, 4; Del Boca Vista 1:19:20, 5.

Progressive Score after two races: George 1st 4 pts (1,2,1); Ronstan/Irwin Sails 6 (3,1,2); el diablo 10 (2,4,4); To Late to Stop Now 12 (4,5,3);Touring Wombat 14 (5,3,6); Flaunt it 24 (10,7,7); Ray & the Crazy 88s 27 (7,10,10); Do you get it yet? 28 (8,11,9); Del Boca Vista 33 (13,15,5); Bullet 33 (14,8,11).

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