London 2012 update

London 2012 Sailing Field of play Manager Rod Carr on progress and how the ticketed area to watch the racing will work
It is coming up fast. Down in Weymouth on 29 July next year, the sailing competition of the London 2012 Olympic Games will be starting. Over the last months the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) sailing team led by Rob Andrews has been steadily gearing up for the big day. A significant hurdle was crossed at the end of last week: organisers now do officially have the right to hold the Olympic sailing in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour. Sounds obvious, you might think.... “We’ve learned that there are no longer any objections to the Harbour Revision Order – which is kind of comforting because it’s nice to have a ‘field of play’!” quips Rod Carr, who since he retired from running the RYA has taken a new role, allegedly part time, as Field of Play Manager for the sailing at London 2012. While Andrews runs the show, it is Carr who deals with more of the detail, assigning and running the PROs, managing the marshalls, media boats, the schedule, etc. As a former Olympic sailing coach who rose up through the ranks to end up running the RYA, Carr must have found his present position something approaching employment nirvana. “I am enjoying it. I am a games keeper having been a poacher. It is great fun. I couldn’t imagine the Games going on in this country without having an involvement and this is about as close you could get. My speciality is not logistics or villages, it is being out on the water, even though I am not specifically allowed to cheer on the Brits or even say hello to Sparky [Skandia Team GBR Olympic Manager Stephen Park] in the morning!” The Harbour Revision Order effectively secures the right, by government decree, to be able to use and manage ‘the water’