New F18 hardware

Christophe Launay Photography /
Mischa Heemskerk shows us the ropes on the new Cirrus R
Lurking around at Eurocat recently were two new boats – the Phantom is the latest design from cat guru Martin Fischer with input from 2010 F18 World Champions Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan. One raison d’etre for the Phantom is for it to be included in the equipment trials for the new multihull class to be used at Rio 2016, but there is also a similar version fitting into the F18 rule (see the pics at the bottom of the page.) However the stand-out new F18 twin-hulled weapon at Eurocat was the Cirrus R from Boulogne Conception, aka Manu Boulogne, the 2003 F18 World Champion who designed the boat in conjunction with a university professor of hydrodynamics. In this Dutch catamaran aces Mischa Heemskerk and Bastiaan Tentij demolished the fleet, including the rest of the Dutch podium, finishing the weekend in Carnac first on 14 points (discarding a BFD) to second placed Coen de Koning and Thijs Visser’s 37, and winning the final two races. Heemskerk has been a cat sailor since the age of four and has been racing F18s for the last 12 years. Showing some aptitude– this was the fourth time he’d won at Eurocat, he’s twice won Round Texel and is a past F18 European Champion – has seen him racing on behalf of a number of different manufacturers including Nacra, when they spent two years racing an Infusion and with, of course, HobieCat, spending one year on the Tiger before moving into the Wildcat. With many of these projects such as the Wildcat, Heemskerk also added his input into the final product and this has also been the case with the Cirrus R. With F18s, unusually, considerable development still seems to be taking place in the design of the hulls and in no way minor. This is true