Back on the campaign trail

Nathan Outteridge returns to the 49er this week having already been crowned Moth World Champion
Australian double 49er World Champion Nathan Outteridge and crew Iain Jensen start their Olympic sailing season in Europe this week with the Delta Lloyd regatta. While they competed at Sail Melbourne, this will in fact be their first regatta this season and will of course be followed by Weymouth for two and a half weeks taking in Skandia Sail for Gold, then after a break back in Australia, the 49er Europeans, taking place this year in Finland, before returning to Weymouth for the Olympic Test Event in August. “We have the four events plans in two trips and hopefully it will go as well it has over the last couple years,” says Outteridge. So how has the game come on in the Olympic skiff since Beijing when he finished disappointingl off the podium in fifth place? “I haven’t seen much of what has been happening in Europe this year, but it is getting closer. The new rigs came in two years ago and we did a lot of training with them in Australia and we came to Europe and we’d worked out a few things that now everyone else knows. So this year it will be interesting to see how the European fleet is progressing and I think the US fleet is coming on a lot more as well.” When we press Outteridge on what the “few things” were, he says they are to do with rig set-up. “We have gone from the old fibreglass rigs to carbon fibre rigs and square topped mains and the settings are slightly different. And people went to different areas and now everyone is in the same area. So the boat speed differences are a lot less from what they were probably two years ago and it will come back to just racing well and knowing the