Skandia Sail for Gold part 2

Richard Langdon / Skandia Team GBR
GBR thereabouts in the Laser Radial; RS:X Gold for Nick Dempsey; Percy on his performance this week
This continues on from part one here In the Laser Radial, this week was effectively a two horse race between the Netherland’s Marit Bouwmeester, winner here last year, and Belgium’s Evi van Acker. Shirley Robertson pointed out (proudly) that Bouwmeester, who won today’s medal race to finish the series first overall ten points clear of her rival, is being coached by Britain’s Mark Littlejohn, who once upon a time coached her. “I was six points behind Marit and I had 13 points in front of the bronze,” recounted van Acker. “I expected her to match race me, because she could only lose silver, but she didn’t really do it, so I went after her because I am here to practice, we said it didn’t really matter, so that’s what I tried. It worked pretty good at the first attempt but then we got a general recall which was lucky for me because I got stuck at the pin end and we got a restart and I found myself a little bit of a defending position. “Then I got away at the pin end and I lost my lead after the start and I got really into trouble after that. The only thing I could do was to try to get out of the mess and sail in clear air, which was not simple because I had everyone tacking on me, including Marit because she was defending against me, so I ended up tacking way too many times up the first beat and I was 10th at the top mark, all the way last and the Irish was in third position, so it was like ‘oh God’. But I know I am fast downwind and I tried to make the best of the shifts and the puffs, and that worked really well, so I