Purpose-built mixed multihull

James Boyd Photography / www.thedailysail.com
NACRA's Gunnar Larsen and Peter Vink give us the guided tour to their new 17
This article follows on from part 1 yesterday NACRA pitched up in Santander last week at the ISAF Evaluation Trials for the Women’s mixed multihull slot for Rio 2016 with two offerings, one the Nacra 17 the only one of the multihulls to be purpose-designed and built for the trials. The company has gone through a transformation in the last few years. Set up in 1975, NACRA, originally an acronym for the North American Catamaran Racing Association, for many years was owned by American keelboat manufacturer Catalina. However in 2007 NACRA was taken over by Gunnar Larsen and Peter Vink from the Netherlands, who’s company now owns the rights to the brand, the factory and distribution to their 84 dealers around the world. Larsen runs the sales and marketing effort globally while Vink focuses on the technical side out of their base in Den Haag in the Netherlands. They have since been dismantling the US operation with parts for their 11 boat range manufactured in different corners of the world – with composite components coming from Thailand, deck gear from Harken in the USA, carbon masts from France, etc. Gunnar Larsen (left) with Peter Vink and their pride and joy... “We don’t have to put the boats together any more like six or seven years ago, because we know it fits, because it is all ISO 92001 certified,” says Larsen. “Everything is to the drawings.” NACRA’s range today is split between their ‘fun’ models used by schools, families and youth sails, such as the 460,500, 570 and 580, although these come with a ‘sports’ option including a jib and spinnaker kit. But of greater interest to thedailysail’s readership are their racing models, including their F16, their Mk2 F18, the Infusion, F20 Carbon plus the new Nacra 17, conceived especially for their Olympic bid. Both