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New hull and foil for Mirabaud LX

Thomas Jundt radical 3 man foiler gets a facelift

Wednesday June 5th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: Switzerland

Thomas Jundt’s wing-masted three man foiler Mirabaud LX is scheduled to race the Lake Geneva classics this summer with a new centre float and 2.6m foil.

Mirabaud LX has been sailing with a new centre float and supersized foils since the beginning of May. This innovative development foiler, sponsored by Mirabaud & Cie since 2008, remains one of the most cutting edge projects on Lake Geneva.

The crew that includes Thomas Jundt, Antoine Ravonel and Eric Gobet, with Philippe Barraud managing logistics and shore support, has already had some great sailing on the lake despite the gloomy weather conditions this spring.

Mirabaud LX has been sailing with a wing since 2011 and the jump in performance has been remarkable: “The wing gives us a lot more performance and is easier to handle than a traditional sail. The gusts are easier to manage as well making it an all round good addition. The only downside is that it is quite laborious to trim,” said Jundt.

For the 2013 season Mirabaud LX is sailing with new foils and a new look hull. The foils have been increased from 160cm with a 22cm cord last year to 260cm on the leading edge, 240cm on the trailing edge and 16cm of cord. “In seeking slenderness, we are increasing the smoothness and the ability to fly earlier,” explained Jundt. “The question is how much stress they will take. According to calculations, the current model is solid enough, but it is impossible to know 100% until you sail, so we are slowly tuning up.”

The float that allows for light air sailing has also been modified. It is made of foam, hand-shaped, and coated with carbon. The team stripped it right back and has re-shaped it: “We needed to improve how it moves through the water in light airs,” said Jundt. “We have opened up the stern and the bow is a bit deeper.”

In its 2012 configuration, Mirabaud LX now foils downwind in 8 knots and upwind in 10 knots. “When we were flying, upwind we easily hit 12 knots and downwind we sailed at 20knots. We will see what speeds we reach this year…”

Mirabaud LX will race the lake classics this season, starting with the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva, followed by the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, then the Six Hours of Nernier and the Versoix Double.

The team will once again benefit from the coaching skills of Philippe Barraud, a former racing sailor and co-founder of the Centre d’Entrainement a la Regate, plus a weather station. All data collected will go towards performance development.


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