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The Powered Winch debate

With Speedboat and ICAP Leopard lining up to attempt the west to east transatlantic record, the issue over powered winches raises its head once again.

Welbourne 53 "Hi Fi" for sale

 Strong rumours here in Subic Bay, the Philippines that the Neil Pryde's Welbourne 53 "Hi Fi" is seriously for sale.


Groupama3 ended their Jules Verne in wonderful style! A terrific little party after crossing the finish late Saturday, while moored off Camaret in the dark and rain:

Banque Populaire G class tri

 Can anyone enlighten me as to why Banque Populaire have not set off on a Jules Verne trophy attempt?

Solo round the world race in big multihulls

Is a singlehanded round the world race in big multihulls the ultimate in offshore racing - as Pen Duick are touting with their supposed event starting from Brest - or is it just a sure recipe for d

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