New baby from Laser

Looking for all the world like a baby Vortex, the new Funboat arrives at the Southampton Show
Laser celebrated the production of the 100th Vortex at the Southampton Boat Show, and at the same time introduced the all new Funboat. Designed to appeal to those new to the sport and those who just want a tough, fun boat at a reasonable cost. Although a simple boat without the racing performance of the mould breaking Vortex, Performance Sailcraft have used the top design team of Olympic Gold medallists, Yves Loday and Reg White, to ensure the quality of the product. The end result of a lengthy development period, the Funboat has a tough rotomoulded hull, based around the Vortex-style tunnel type hull design, to give great stability. Along with a simple rig and controls, the concept promises to be a versatile starter boat that will provide greater performance as confidence grows. The loose-footed sail just slips onto the two-part mast and is then placed into the hull, Laser style. The rudder incorporates a simple extension with spade type handle grip, and the mainsheet is led forward from a bridle, along the boom to a block just aft of the mast foot. Everything is very straight-forward, taking only minutes to put together and get sailing, no complex rigging and tweaking - just add water and go.