BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 25th September's diary writer, Andy Magrath, brings us up to date on the progress of LG FLATRON
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diaries of Conrad Humphreys (skipper) and Andy Magrath (crew) aboard LG FLATRON. Andy sent us this report on Sunday night, as they struggle to get back into contention after holding the lead for so long. Andy Magrath, LG FLATRON, Sunday 24th September; "I'm not sure where I left off - but a lot has happened. We are now in fifth, after being first - let me explain! About three or four days ago we sailed into some adverse current, i.e. the Gulf Stream, which started to knock our progress, however, we were sailing on the rhumbline and to tack away to the north would've meant going away from Boston - so we stuck with our course. Quadstone were 40 nm north - but in no adverse current, and they started to eat away at our lead. Worse was to follow as we then sailed into a wind-hole - which seemed unique to us - and proceeded to head east (the wrong way) at two knots! We gave away ten miles just by going backwards, plus all the other miles the rest of the fleet was gaining by sailing with wind. It appeared that we had got too far south, and too close to the Gulf Stream. We plummeted to 46 nm behind the lead boat and were now in 3rd place - back to the drawing board for Cian (navigator) and Conrad (skipper)! And last night we made a bold move. We tacked north for six hours while the rest of the fleet headed on a course of 230-240 - taking a massive hit in our position. We are now the furthest boat north in the fleet, with our current southerly winds expected to shift round to the north-west