Vendee Globe - 1230 - 7/12/00

Mark Chisnell reports as the trap snaps shut

Thursday December 7th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Weather at 0300, 7/12/00

They will eventually be freed by the low pressure, sitting out to the west of the fleet in the above image. This is going to sweep east along 42S and bring a pretty active front with it, arriving just south of Cape Town on Saturday morning. It will lose its intensity and fill after that, getting sucked into a bigger low pressure to the south. The fleet will need to be a little careful that they don't end up on the wrong side of it.

The wind goes around low pressure systems clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and so any boats to the south of the centre could find themselves in some pretty brutal headwinds. But I don't think that this system will last long enough for it to be a major problem, but it could mean an uncomfortable few hours - hopefully Dominique Wavre has got seatbelts installed ...
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Rankings (0600 GMT except where stated, Thursday 7/12, with Distances to Finish from Race Office)

1 Aquitaine Innovations (Parlier) (at 03:00 GMT) 48S 13.4E 17001 nm
2 PRB (Desjoyeaux) 47.1S 11.3E +96 nm
3 SILL Matines La Potagère (Jourdain) 46.4S 10.6E +130 nm
4 Sodebo (Coville) (at 03:00 GMT) 45.4S 5.2E +370 nm
5 Kingfisher (MacArthur) 45.1S 5.1E +384 nm
6 Solidaires (Dubois) 46.2S 3.2E +420 nm
7 Active Wear (Thiercelin) 42.4S 5.4E +426 nm
8 Union Bancaire Privée (Wavre) 46.4S 1.4E +494 nm
9 EBP EspritPME Gartmore (Hall) 42.1S 3.4E +519 nm
10 Whirlpool (Chabaud) 38.3S 7E +575 nm
11 (Gallay) 39.6S 2.5E +836 nm
12 VM Matériaux (Carpentier) (at 03:00 GMT) 38.5S 4E +922 nm

Other British
19 Team Group 4 (Golding) (at 03:00 GMT) 25.5S 25.2E +2252 nm

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