The Race - 1330 - 30/1/01

Mark Chisnell reports as Club Med takes the scenic route to Cook Strait

Tuesday January 30th 2001, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Innovation Explorer are steeling themselves for their first heavy weather test, Elena Caputo added, "Yes, we had our fill of generally mild Southern Ocean weather, and it is only right we get our share of horrendous conditions. At least to be fair to Grant Dalton and Club Med. It has become a bit of a joke on board, now we know we must suffer as well."

Fleet at 0601, 30/1/01

But if Club Med have been getting a tricky deal from the weather, then the Southern Ocean is really turning it on for Team Adventure (orange) and Warta Polpharma (yellow). The weather on Virtual Spectator (above) shows that they are north of a high pressure system. But the reports from Team Adventure overnight indicate that they have been hanging onto a depression and once again - no surprises here - caning it.

I think that the low they were on is the one all the way to the south in the bottom right-hand corner of the image (above). And the reason they were pushing so hard was to stay with it and avoid the high pressure that's sweeping along behind. It looks like this has caught the Poles - Roman Paszke and Warta Polpharma, 230 miles behind Cam Lewis, have headed north presumably to avoid the centre of the high pressure and light air. But looking at the low pressure coming in behind this high, being north is no bad thing, both these boats can expect plenty of breeze when this gets to them.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, Team Legato has finally cleared the South Atlantic High, after spending the best part of five days in light air. Bullimore and his team have been trucking along more happily, "I think we have finally broken clear." commented a relieved Bullimore, "The past five days of calms must be a record."

Standings (at 1030 GMT, 30/1/01)

1 Club Med 12759 nm to finish
2 Innovation Explorer +739.7 nm
3 Warta Polpharma +3921.4 nm
4 Team Adventure +4193.6 nm
5 Team Legato +5,856.0 nm

Click for new window with link to Virtual SpectatorMap images courtesy of Virtual Spectator, click here to go to The Race site for a free download of the software.

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