Racing for the aged

A San Francisco-based organisation has conjured up a circuit for old IACC yachts

Tuesday April 23rd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States
Former Oracle Racing sailor John Sweeney is the driving force behind the International America's Cup Class San Francisco (IACCSF) who aims to develop racing for aged America's Cup Class yachts. 75 such yachts are currently in existence.

Sweeney currently runs four IACC boats - New Zealand 20, New Zealand 14, Italy 1 Il Moro di Venezia and the Dave Pedrick-designed former Stars & Stripes USA 11 which he recently purchased from Peter Holmberg's defunct Virgin Islands America's Cup challenge and is currently restoring.

The International America's Cup Class San Francisco (IACCSF) yesterday announced its official schedule for 2003 culminating in the IACC Worlds to be held on 6-12 October in San Francisco.

May 9-11 Sausalito Cup
June 6-8 America's Cup Media Trophy
September 6-14 Big Boat Series
October 13-19 IACC Worlds

In addition to Sweeney's four boats which are to be chartered to local teams, the IACCSF claims that other teams taking part will include Mascalzone Latino with ITA 55 (the former USA 55 Stars & Stripes), Polska 1 the Polish challenge for 2006 with POL 5 (former Espana 5), and the IAC Challenge Nassua with NZL 10 and 12.

One wonders if there would be any interest in this from UK IACC yacht owners such as John Caulcutt and Sunsail boss Chris Gordon.

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