Wet, wet, wet

After a long wait, the Volvo boats are now deep in wild country

Saturday February 2nd 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
Knut Frostad reports from djuice that they have smoke inside the boat

Sorry we're a bit late today, but we have been so busy down here, trying to speed djuice up on this bloody tight and wet reaching. It's certainly not our favourite speed angle, and some painful position reports have again showed us that we need to get some westerlies soon, so we can catch up the few miles we have lost. Right now we have two spinaker ready to go. Just waiting for some five small degrees more of lift, and the first spinaker will go up very, very fast. I know twelve guys here will fight to pull it up quicker than anything. Even though we haven't really had our angle the last 24 hours, it's still amazingly close between the boats, and the fleet is pretty much close together as ever before.

The temperature has dropped significantly the last night, and by tomorrow we will start iceberg watches at night. Nothing has been reported yet, but at least the statistics tell us that the white pieces could appear any time. Arve Roaas had the heater running with lots of exhaust smoke inside the boat. Some gathered around the hot air outlet in the galley for a hot breakfast - what a thrill.

Ooops. Wind direction 210.... yippy. We can go spinnaker... I have to run on deck now - time for some fast sailing again. We will still be heading south for a while, avoiding the ridge with lighter wind north of us.

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