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Your views on the Dalts and Cayard relationship
From Greg Wigmore Do we believe Dalts? Nope.... for one he's a bloody Kiwi, and secondly he's been proven to be full of it, there was never any doubt that he would do well. Why would he risk his reputation on a last minute syndicate if he didn't think he would be competitive? He's not the sort of guy who's going to do the 35,000 miles thinking "oh well I always thought we'd be running 5th". He has come into this with full confidence that he can win it, and anyone who believes anything else is seriously mistaken. From Ian Flint Do we believe Dalts? Dalton is a grumpy old sailor,a bit like Syd Fischer years ago.Old in the sense, been there done that-achievements accepted,and knowing his worth on the global racing scene is diminishing. It seems he is getting bored with anything to do with yachting and is agonising over conflicts between home and yachting. He needs a break from yachting, go home and refresh and come back again. From Visa Roine Will it work out between Dalts and Cayard?I think it'll work out just fine. Two sailing (teamwork) professionals, such as Dalton and Cayard, they will know how to utilise each others skill's, with one target in mind: To make the boat go faster (in the right direction)! Its also always good to have someone question your decisions, of course remembering, there's only one captain on board. Neither would Dalton have asked him to join, if he thought that it wouldn't work out, or would Cayard have joined. From David Bains Will it work out between Dalts and Cayard? It shouldn't! BUT I expect Cayard needs a "holiday" and if he can concentrate on tactics then it could work out to their mutual benefit. Cayard knows Kostecki well and I suspect this