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Your comments on the latest protests
From Richard Gillies builder Team SEB / EF Language + Education Why do VO60 rudders keep breaking? This rudder did not break. The only way that the rudder has been able to come loose and shed its internal roller elements is because the clamping collar that holds the rudder vertically in the boat has worked loose allowing the rudder to drop down and allow the head to come clear of its upper bearing housing. How this has come loose is a matter of internal reflection for Team SEB's skipper and maintenance crew to best consider however I can unequivocally state that the rudder cannot be unshipped at sea with the external bearing race remaining in the composite housing as seen in the Team SEB website videos without the prior loss of the roller elements. The jp3 rudder was in perfect condition and re-usable as was the bearing housing which suffered only minor damage to the suppliers glass sleeve-work from the inner raceway due to the over-articulation of the stock once the upper bearing support was lost. Should you require more information as regards the bearing design I suggest that you consult the jp3-isotop web site and check out the type 4 bearing. These bearings are used in the majority of the fleet with no problem. Incidentally they are one of the only available proven bearings given the disappearance from the market of Ian Terry Engineering who used to manufacture Titan bearings to Roger Scammel designs. From Mikael Ahrenberg What do we think of Volvo`s International Jury? After having red the protests and the rulings of the jury, I must say it is a very frustrating reading. I think the protests were quite simple and straightforward, the facts in accordance with the race rules. The ruling of the jury reminds me of a toothless