Thursday departure imminent

Bruno Peyron speaks to James Boyd about his forthcoming Jules Verne attempt
Since 1993 when he became the first man ever to sail around the world non-stop in less than 80 days, the first to win the Jules Verne Trophy for this achievement Bruno Peyron has been a busy man. He subsequently created The Race and caused a new generation of giant racing multihulls to be built. But being organiser of The Race prevented him sailing in it and ever since he has been craving to another crack at the Jules Verne Trophy record, this time one of his new creations. With sponsorship from mobile phone company Orange, Peyron's dream may be on the verge of coming true with the departure of his latest record imminent. madforsailing spoke to him at his home in La Baule about the attempt. Peyron says that it is mostly likely they will leave later this week. "The weather window seems to be okay on Thursday. So maybe we will leave Wednesday evening so that it is easier to cross the line Thursday morning." If the weather does not come right for them (see the wind vector charts on page 4) then they will wait to race against Olivier de Kersauson's giant trimaran Geronimo. Currently de Kersauson's big tri is awaiting the arrival of a new mast from builders Espace Composite. "Olivier is suppost to receive his mast on the 15th. He just told me yesterday he will need three to five days to be ready. If this window didn't exist it would be fun to start together. On the other hand we have no right to avoid this one." A look at the wind charts (see page three) indicate favourable winds to get Orange rapidly out of the Bay of Biscay between Thursday until Saturday and Peyron says that it looks likely they will hook into