Iain Percy

madforsailing talked to the man leading the Finn standings for Team GBR
Iain Percy had another good day on Thursday, to move into an eight point lead in the Finn class. Madforsailing caught up with him afterwards to see how he was enjoying his Olympic Games. mfs - You went to the last Games in Atlanta, as a tune-up partner to Richard Stenhouse, how different is this Olympic experience for you? IP - Well, I’m obviously far far more involved. In Atlanta we were in the team house, and I wasn’t allowed into the Olympic Site or anything like that. So it really felt just like a training session and it just happened to be in the Olympic venue. This time I’m fully involved and it's just the opposite, completely different. mfs - How tough has this regatta been so far? IP - It’s been tough. It’s really difficult here, and you just need to keep a level head, especially on the inside courses. And if you get a break, really make sure that you don’t mess it up. If you don’t get a break and you’re down on them, you’ve just got to go for it and plug away and try to get back. mfs - Today you raced outside the Harbour, is that your preferred course? IP - Yes, it’s much less stressful, because it’s more constant and there’s less chance for it to turn inside out. It comes down to normal sailing, you’ve got to start well and work the waves and work the race, whereas inside you’ve got to be alert, ready for any sort of change all the time. mfs - Both Frederik Loof and Mateusz Kusznierewicz have been yellow flagged for Rule 42. If they get another they have to retire from the race. Does that take some pressure off you? IP -