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Fossett's team finally leaves on trans-Atlantic attempt

Friday August 25th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Steve Fossett and his PlayStation crew went to a Code Green earlier in the week, ready for a planned Wednesday departure - to attempt the west-to-east trans-Atlantic record. The team has been waiting six weeks to become the 21st attempt on the ten year old record, and finally they think that the weather is giving them their chance.
As everyone who has been following the latest generation of maxi-cats and their record breaking exploits will know, the current record is one of the toughest on the books. It stands at six days, 13 hours, three minutes and 32 seconds, and is held by Frenchman Serge Madec and the legendary Jet Services 5.

The big cat started as planned from Ambrose Light in New York Harbour on Wednesday 23rd August, at 18.49 GMT (14.49 local). Their meteorologist Bob Rice commented on the current weather pattern, ‘The overall pattern across the Atlantic looks acceptable based on current long range forecast data. Some problems will crop up of course, they always do, which is why records are records. And, this IS a difficult record to break.’

Twelve hours into their run, PlayStation was almost an hour ahead of Jet Services V comparable position on the record run. It doesn’t mean a lot with 2500 nm to go, but any edge is an edge.

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