Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 14th September Part Two

With the Opening Ceremony looming, British Star representative and Atlanta silver medallist, Ian Walker, writes from Sydney
Today will be my last Olympic Diary as from tomorrow I am under the constraints of the Olympic Charter which, amongst other things, prohibits journalism. All Olympic athletes have to sign a 15 page British Olympic Association (BOA) contract which mainly contains restrictions on advertising and sponsorship. But it also contains rules on behaviour, drugs, team clothing and the media. Tomorrow is Opening Ceremony day and we will be spending the day in the Olympic Village sampling the atmosphere before meeting up with the rest of Team GB and parading into Stadium Australia. Our parade uniforms are pressed and ready and should give the billions watching on television a good laugh! Also ready to go are our cameras to record the once in a lifetime moments. I am very excited about the day, but even more excited for Mark, for whom it will be his first Olympic Ceremony. Sydney is going crazy. It seems like the whole town is out tonight to celebrate the lighting up of the Olympic rings on the bridge as the Torch Relay passes the Opera House. The Torch even came down our road today as it snaked its way around every Sydney suburb. Tonight we have had a huge team dinner to say ‘thank you’ to all the tuning partners and unaccredited coaches. Theirs is a difficult job as they put all the effort in and just as the show begins they have to pack their bags and leave. They rely on us doing well to get their satisfaction. Every one of them has been very positive to the team and they deserve all the thanks they get. On the water my frustration has been growing even more. The conditions are now great for tuning, but we had to miss yesterday afternoon to be at our team photo