Round the Island - bring an umbrella!

Southerly winds, Force 3-4 with lots of rain will make for a bedraggled race, predicts Mike Broughton

Friday June 15th 2001, Author: Mike Broughton, Location: United Kingdom
The forecast for tomorrow's Hoya Round the Island Race looks to be much the same as we published on Monday, with the low pressure system out in the Atlantic moving east-north-east and routing up the Bristol Channel.
European Wind model for midday on 16 June

At the centre of the low the pressure will be 999mB, so not intense, but enough to make it pretty miserable. It will be deeper by 2-3mB than we thought. This will bring slightly stronger winds of around Force 3-4 from the south west, increasing to 5 around headlands. This means that the big boats are back with a chance for possibly breaking the record, although they will face a beat up to the Needles.

The south westerly winds will funnel up the western Solent making for a few left handers on the southern side of the western Solent, where the wind comes across valleys such as Newtown Creek. The wind will accelerate in the Needles Channel to around force 5 and where the ebb tide is strongest will increase by 3 knots - so if you're at the top end of your sail combination approaching the Needles Channel - watch out!
Wind Field Data showing the position of the low pressure system at 0800 Friday

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