Norwegians come good

Knut Frostad gives his reaction to their welcome second place on this leg
On the dockside in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the fourth and most event filled legs so far in the Volvo Ocean Race, djuice dragon skipper Knut Frostad gave his reaction to their much welcome second-placed finish. Q: You said in Auckland that you would come back. How does it feel? Knut Frostad: It feels great. I don't think a second place has felt better, ever. It was a tough leg. From the Horn we sailed fast and in the right place. It was awesome. Q: What have the last few days been like? KF: If you have been stressed watching us, imagine how it has been on board. Unbelievable. 12 hours ago there were three miles between second and fifth place. We made a pretty good call to gybe later than the other guys to stay nearer to the shore and realising that nobody else wanted to do it. I don't think I slept at all during the last 30 hours. But it's been great. Q: How did you pull it off? KF: To start with we had very good light air speed. We were much faster than Assa and Tyco. Our navigator is an awesome guy, his prediction was spot on and he said to me "Knut, I don't have a clue whether it's going to go wrong, but all my instincts say, go to the land, because if something's going to come good, it will come from the land, and we did it. We had the guts and we had everything to win and nothing to lose. And it happened! It's great. Q: It must have been very stressful. KF: It was horrible. Especially when we went into the beach on the last gybe which we did to gain more wind and at first we had two knots less than the other